Top 10 Picture Books

Number the Stars was a great book for me because I love reading about the Holocaust. This book gives us another inside story of what terrible things happened during that time.
Holes was a good book to read because I wanted to see if it matched the movie or not. Everyone kept telling me it didn’t really match the movie at all but I thought there were parts that did.
Charlotte Web is just a great book for all ages. This is probably one of my top books of all times. Never can go wrong.
Copper was a very cute book that told a story of a little boy and his dog that went on their own adventures. The adventures they went on were always exciting and it felt like you were there with them.


Tap the Magic Tree was a great book to read to your students when it is spring and fall. This book shows and talks about a life cycle of an apple tree. Great for little kids.


The Three Questions is a good one for younger boys. I chose this book because I felt myself in the little boy’s shoes while I was reading. Every boy goes through these questions at some point in their life.


Bad News for Outlaws is an old western story. I love this book because when I was younger I would always watch westerns. This book brought me back to my childhood.

winn dixie

Because of Winn-Dixie is a classic. When I read this book I felt for the dog and the little girl. She had no friends and had to find them herself. She became friends with people that had no other friends’ because people thought they were weird or different. Great book.


Interrupting Chickens was a great book for a teacher to read when they are having a discipline problem I know I am glad I read this book because the odds are I will read this to my students.


How I Learned Geography shows how lucky we are and things we need to be thankful for. This book talks about a boy that doesn’t get fed except one loaf a day and so he reads about different places and those are his vacations he goes on. Great inspiring book.


It’s Monday! What Are You Reading?


Bridge to Terabithia- Jess Aaron’s is a young boy plagued by insecurity-until he meets Leslie, his new neighbor and fast friend. Together they invent the world of Teribithia, where they go to escape the outside world. Jess slowly becomes more secure in his identity as he continues to travel to Teribithia with Leslie. Their friendship is not limited there though-they see each other at school, and spend holidays together. When tragedy hits, Jess’s whole world is turned upside down. He feels like sinking back into the old Jess-the one he thought he’d outgrown. Worth the time to read, Great book!.