Skyping Renaissance


I thought it was funny when I read this in the article. “A fifth grade class spent the entire 40-minute visit making faces at themselves on their monitor,” says author-illustrator Marty Kelley. This is a great thing to remember when introducing technology to our students. Giving them time to learn about skype and just messing around with it is smart to do so this doesn’t happen when you skype with someone.

I think skyping with an author would be a great idea. Doing this will let the students get an insight of what a author looks like and what they talk like. Getting them use to the author might get them interested in their books and will get them to read their books. Getting students interested in reading is the biggest problem sometimes. This will most likely spark their interest.

The author I would invite to my class is Barbara Park. Barbara Park is the author of all the Junie B. Jones books. All the students have loved this book that I’ve read to so far. I’m in a first grade classroom all day on Mondays and the teacher reads a Junie B Jones book to them and they love it every time



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