One this that surprised me was that when Brian was researching and writing his book Max Found Two Sticks that some people think that just because there is an African American kid on the front it is intended for the African American crowd. I never thought that it would make a difference to readers but apparently to some it does. I think that we need to focus on that story of the book and not the race of the character. When I have my own class I will push students to not judge a book by its cover. If we see that there is an African American or Asian we shouldn’t think that it’s not for us to read.
In schools today there are as many as 30% of the so called minority group. In our classroom we need to make sure that we have books for everyone and every different interest level. We need to have diversity in our classroom and the school library. If we start implementing diversity in our classrooms at a young age there won’t be as many problems with this when they get older. I feel like each generation is getting better and better but it can always be better. As I looked back to the books I already read I could tell that I wasn’t reading about books with diversity. I need to try to get more diversity in my reading for this class because if I am going to be a good teacher I need to be able to talk about all kinds of books. There are many books out there with diversity and I need to read some.


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