Reading challenge check-in

For the second check up for the semester it is almost like the first check up. I have learned that reading isn’t as bad as I thought when fist signing up for this class. I still am not the biggest fan of reading but it is getting better. I am finding out that I need to challenge myself more instead of just reading the books I know I will like. I read one book last week that I didn’t Like at all. After I read it I looked back on it and I was happy with myself that I tried reading something that I knew I wouldn’t like. I know that after I read it I didn’t write much for my reflection but that was because that was one of those books that when you read it you know whats happening but when you get done you don’t remember what happened. It was all over the place in the story hard to keep track of what was happening. I was happy that I tried to read it because now I know for sure that I don’t like those books and I will never try one of them again unless one of my friends promises the one they just read is a great read.

I still caught myself reading the books that I know I will like. I still think I am learning a lot by reading all of these books. It is preparing me for my class in the future. Being able to recommend books for my students once I get to know what interest they have will be a huge advantage. I am starting to read higher level books instead of just picture books. I am also having more trouble finding time to read because there are a lot of big homework assignments and football is getting pretty busy. I need to figure out different times in the day that I can read.


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